A place to speak my mind

(Just thought I’ll throw this in here haha)

I decided it’s time for me to start blogging again! I’ve had my Tumblr blog for years now, but its not really a platform for long blogs to be honest. Hence, my new WordPress blog. Why WordPress? Well, I used to have blogspot and I switched to Tumblr later on. Now I decided to try something new, which is WordPress I guess?  There’s not much need to introduce myself as this blog is going to remain as private as possible, meaning only a handful of people will know of this blog and frankly its up to them if they want to read it! 

Also, I feel like I should start documenting my life in Malaysia and New Zealand, especially my 4 months holiday back home in Malaysia. So much have changed since the last time I was home in Malaysia. So many new memories and experiences. Most of them are lovely except for the last month, which marks a dark shade of grey in my life. I’ll probably blog about it more soon, I think it was partially the reason why I created this blog. I have to find a way to rant, or else I will go insane. The human mind is a very dangerous place. Thoughts, especially negative ones, are quite dangerous. 

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll write more soon! Now I shall go around telling a handful of people about this blog 🙂




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