Outing with Talisa and Joseph (21/10/2012)

So Im finally back in PJ! It seems so surreal that Im back home. I went out with Joseph and Talisa a few hours right after I got back from Johor. Well, I was supposed to be out with Joseph only because Talisa couldn’t make it, but her plan changed and she made it, also kinda surprising me. It was a failed surprise but nonetheless, it was a good effort haha! So we basically hung around Paradigm Mall, which is a new mall in PJ and is located literally right outside of my house (okay maybe its a 5 minutes walk away). Its quite an okay mall, even though its not as big as One Utama, it had pretty good shops so I’m a happy girl.

Okay, so Joseph fetch me from my house to Paradigm. He’s quite a failed driver so it took us abt 30 mins to get there and find a parking place. After that we basically walked around filling in application forms for jobs (for me) and went hunting for Gong Cha because Joseph is such a failed tour guide and thought there was a Gong Cha place in Paradigm. After a while, we found out that there wasn’t one (Hello, shopping mall directory!) and settled for Ochardo which was another bubble tea shop.

Joseph and I at Ochardo! 😀

 After that we walked around a bit more and got ‘surprised’ by Talisa! I couldn’t believe I’m finally back and seeing Talisa and Joseph after 9 months! I’m quite sure that I’m not used to seeing such a skinny person again, that’s why she looked even skinnier than how i remembered her to me. Well, at least I hope so, she’s so skinny that if she gets anymore skinnier its literally insane!

Talisa and I at Sushi Zanmai ❤

Yeah we had dinner at Zanmai! I love that place and was so glad to eat there again after 9 months! ❤ I love their Soft Shell Crab Maki but I forgot to take a picture of it. Oops! Was too busy talking! So basically  Seph, Talisa and I just chilled and talked and drank cups and cups of ocha! The waitress was really enthusiastic in terms of refilling our cups haha! Which was good, I guess, better than not refilling at all aye? After that we decided to have dessert at Tong Bak Fu and camwhored with Talisa’s polaroid! 🙂

Creme Brulee!
Polaroid! 😀

That’s basically my night with them! We had to ciao because it was getting late and the mall was closing. When I got home I basically skyped with Jonathan. I forgot to take a screencap of our skype session but here’s a picture of us from graduation!

Bro we need a better picture of us LOL!

Its good to be back 🙂 More updates soon 🙂



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