Taylor’s University, Hotel Transylvania & DJ with Talisa (22/10/2012)

Another day out with my bestie woohoo! Talisa basically brought me along to college yesterday. She’s doing CPU at Taylor’s University and her programme is so awesome that she gets Mondays off. Pfft, talk about being biased! Anyway, she had to hand in some calculus quiz thing yesterday hence the trip to Taylor’s. I sneaked in the CPU building and the main Taylors building even though I dont have a Taylors University ID card! I told the guard I was ‘interested in pursuing my studies at Taylors next year and I had some general enquiries’. White lies FTW!

Sort of Candid Shot at CPU building! πŸ™‚

So anyway, we visited the library and saw Jia Wei, Sara and Tracy. I was quite gutted not to meet more of my friends but its all good! I have all the time in the world and everyone else is studying for finals! After that, Talisa brought me to this mamak place called ‘Cili Padi Cafe’ to eat with Ashley, Wenli and Ryan. I had breakfast no.2 which was Roti Canai (yum!)

This isnt the same Roti Canai I had at the cafe but its still Roti Canai :p

So, we headed back to the CPU building as Talisa needed to complete her quiz thing before handing it in (It was a group work). I entertained myself with HUBS191 lecture notes while she and her friends keep themselves busy. I met tons of her friends there haha. Im pretty sure most of them saw me sitting there and wondered ‘Who’s that chick?’ They’re all pretty cool people and they all have cars (well, most of them).

Anyway, for lunch Talisa and I met up with Kevin and Wei Sheng for Chilli Pan Mee! I love that stuff, havent had it in AGES! I swear, Talisa is trying to fatten me up, I ate so much for the 2 days alone! Say hello to more gym and pool sessions! It was good catching up with Kevin! He’s such a lovely guy πŸ™‚ After lunch we basically hung around the CPU building, watching Ryan and Wen Loong play Foosball. I met more people then but Talisa and I ciao-ed after that to head for DJ.

DJ has changed so much! Its strange how you walk into a place you spend so much time in for 5 years and can feel like a total outsider. I mean, Im an ex-DJian, I spent 5 years in that place! It shouldnt feel so foreign, right? WRONG! It feels so weird, like there’s a barrier between my old school and I. Oh well, I guess it cant be helped. My DJ days are over. We went back and got our SPM certificate and hoped to see the new Dynamitez practice. Sadly they didnt have any practice yesterday 😦 The good thing was that I finally got my Dynamitez shirt off Talisa! YAY πŸ™‚ We also met Pn Tho (my old Add Maths teacher) and Miss Winnie (my old Physics teacher). Miss Winnie’s getting married next March! Im so happy for her πŸ™‚ Wish her all the happiness in the world! She is such a lovely teacher and I enjoyed being her tutor muda (her physics helper in class), mainly because she’s such a good fun!

Hotel Transylvania

After that, Talisa and I head off to Paradigm mall (again!) to catch Hotel Transylvania because I had free tickets that were expiring soon! It was a surprisingly good cartoon movie πŸ™‚ I cracked up so badly throughout the movie haha. I would definitely recommend people to watch it if they want to watch something relaxing. Also, Selena Gomez is the voice of Mavis *hint hint, Kylie :p*.

That was the most of my day with Talisa. She drove me home (I love how everyone can drive now and I have drivers:p) and I KO-ed from 5pm up till 5am the next day. Body clock, get yo shit together! I guess that’s it for now πŸ™‚



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