Of Shogun, Driving School and Raku Goku Ramen!

Let me start of with just saying that I am so broke! My parents told me I would have to pay for my license and that’ s around RM800+ without bribing. Also, Im paying for my Red album which I ordered to my doorstep from America (RM90). That’s not it, Im planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy S3 because my HTC Wildfire is slow as! Yeah Im so broke. Not to mention the money Im gonna spend whenever Im out with friends! Broke, broke, broke! D:


Anyway, that’s that. I had Japanese buffet at Shogun with my parents today! Its basically this Japanese Buffet Restaurant place. It has really yummy food especially their sashimi! Needless to say, I fed myself silly after not having any for 9 months. Im so gonna gain weight! Talk about weight, Ive been procrastinating on my gym sessions, I cant wait for Joseph to come over tomorrow so I have no excuse to not gym! 


Sashimi, Tempura and an awkward prawn haha! Yum 🙂
Yummy Oysters!
My ever beautiful mum ❤
Daddy! 🙂

So that’s Shogun! Im going for the Undang talk on Saturday. So not looking forward to it. Its 5 hours this time, going to stuck earphones in my ear most of the time! Sigh, I really wish I dont need to get my drivers license. I enjoy being driven around 😛


Lastly, I got news that would save my situation of being broke! I got a service crew job at this restaurant called ‘Raku Goku Ramen’ up at Paradigm Mall. The pay is not bad. Its not gonna cover all of my expenses this holidays but its better than nothing. I start work on November 1st! Good luck to me haha, its my first service crew job. Fingers crossed!




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