and she said;

So yesterday was quite a meaningful day. I had 3 skype sessions with Kylie, Danni and Jonathan. Fun fact, this is the second time I blogging about this, I wrote a long as post yesterday but it somehow got deleted and I couldnt get it back, thanks a lot for that WordPress! Unfortunately, blogging about the same thing twice is something I do not enjoy, so this is going to be quite a short post. 


What went on was Kylie talked to me abt J yesterday and it sort of brought me out of that emotional pit I was in for the past few days. Im feeling much better now but I can’t promise I would be like this forever. My thoughts are quite a dangerous place, it can get me depressed, moaning about wanting J back just like that. Anyway, the point is I….wrote a song with a melody that I’m pretty proud of I must say. Having given up on song writing, this new song surprised me. This song is inspired by Kylie’s talk to me yesterday morning so thanks for that Kylie! 🙂 


I called Jonathan up later that day and sang the song to him, Jon, being that awesome talented guy he is, gave me a decent beat to it. We’re gonna look into recording it over skype and doing a video recording of it when he comes up next month! Im so excited that one of my songs is finally going to go further than just my lyrics and a raw melody in my head. Although you never know what might happen, I’m just hoping for the best, to be honest!


So the song, Ive been thinking about it throughout the night and Ive decided to name it ‘She said’ and its a moving on song. I hope, with this song written, I can truly get over J. Im sick of false alarms, so many times I thought I was over him, nek minnit, I fall into a deep emotional place. Fingers crossed!





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