Not your average Halloween.

Happy Halloween for those who celebrate it! My Halloween this year is so very ghetto (so not). I spent my morning sitting for my undang test and guess what? I passed! 45/50. After 3 days of studying (and moaning about how stupid it was), I got through! I had fears of failing it but thankfully, God was there for me! Thank the Lord!

The Mark of Athena

The rest of my day was spent reading this baybeh! This is the 3rd and latest installment of the Heroes of Olympus series. I am so relieved to be able to read this finally as I waited a year for this after Rick Riordan cruelly left us all with such a cliffhanger at the end of the previous book. It came out beginning of October and I’ve finally gotten the chance to satisfy my joy of reading it. I had to read the E-version of it and to be honest, it took some joy out of reading the book. I personally enjoy reading hard copies of book and just enjoying the feeling of holding a book, flipping the next page excitedly and just watching the words bounce off the pages. Nerd alert! Anyway, I thought the book was just…normal (my judgement was probably affected by the fact of not getting to read the hard copy of the book) except for the ending which was so sweet/sad/intense and was an even worst cliffhanger than the previous book. It was so cruel that I basically want to Avada Rick Riordan’s ass down to the deepest pit of Tartarus. Such cruelty to have to wait another year (at least) for the next book. I guess I should be thankful there is going to be another book. I don’t know what am I gonna do with my life if I had to say goodbye to Percy and Annabeth again 😦

Okay enough nerd talk! I get really into the characters whenever I read a book. Its one of the small joys 🙂 On a final note, I start my job tomorrow! Good luck to me!



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