November, Im off to a bad start.

Hello November, this should be my month! So far, it hasn’t really been that awesome. I started my first day of work today, but I had to bail after 2 hours because I was experiencing nausea, dizziness, faint-like feelings and cold sweat. I was feeling good at first but the symptoms came after I was in the kitchen of the restaurant learning my job. At first I would get some air in the restaurant (out of the kitchen) and I would be fine. My manager was kind enough to let me handle the dining area only but after a while, that didn’t work either. I started having my symptoms again out in the dining area. Obviously, I was feeling like crap and I didnt want to puke/faint in front of customers. That will definitely reflect badly on the restaurant (especially puking). Being considerate (also because I felt like dying), I asked my manager if I can leave. She’s so lovely, she agreed. 


After resting at home, I googled my symptoms and found out that I had low blood pressure. I consulted Kylie (thank goodness for Health Sci friends) and she agreed and asked me a series of questions to pin point my condition. Naturally, we hit jackpot (because she’s such a genius in this kind of things haha). I have low blood pressure. ON MY FIRST DAY OF WORK! What a lousy coincidence. I guess now all I can hope for is I’ll be all good for my 3-day work at the PC fair this weekend. If I have the same symptoms again, Im gonna kill someone. I am so not kidding. 




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