Mechanisms of Life

#FirstTimeIMet is trending on Twitter right now and it got me thinking of the first time I met J. Its funny, back then I never thought that so many things will happen between us in such a short period of time. Also, it got me thinking, this whole year would cease to exist if I have never made my decision to take up the Foundation in Health Science course. Needless to say, it would never had happen if my parents hadn’t gave me this huge opportunity. So many people I wouldn’t meet, so many good and bad experiences I wouldn’t experience and so many knowledge and skills I wouldn’t learn. 2012 has been a huge learning experience and a year where so many great memories were made. The friends I’ve made (you know who you are), the mistakes I’ve made, the success I’ve gotten and all the hard work and frustration, I would not trade them for anything. I had to give up a lot for this year abroad, having to choose this path initially for my own selfish reasons, but looking back, I know I have made the right choice. This year abroad sharpened my focus in life and it also help me mature more. I remember how my foundation friends thought I was too serious and was winded up too tightly, well, I never bothered to explain myself. I really didnt feel obliged to explain myself to everyone that I had something to prove this year. I couldn’t waste my parents money this year by screwing up after all the trouble I’ve put them through to let me go this year. I’m happy to say that I didn’t disappoint them, finally, I’m contented this year. However, this year is just the beginning, I have a long path ahead of me and much more obstacles to overcome but you know what? Im ready. 




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