2012, an amazing year.

Hello guys, 2012 is coming to an end. How do I begin to describe 2012? Amazing, wonderful, beautiful, educational? These descriptions does not seem to give the year its justice. 2012 was the year I got to start anew. I left everything behind and threw myself into a life in a city where no one knew me. I started life in university, being the youngest (I think Im the youngest) in Salmond College and one of the young ones at Foundation. I remember how people were shocked by my age, commenting that my seriousness and maturity was way beyond 17. I knew that, I was always too mature for my age, plus, I told myself I had to grow up this year, having to be totally independent. Life at a college was such a great experience. I met so many new people, made fast friends with such lovely people, loved, hated, healed and learnt in that place I now call home. Foundation was a blessing. A new study environment, a new group of friends and lecturers who are just beyond amazing. Im glad I achieved what I set out to achieve at Foundation. OMSA was another great experience. Being the biggest Malaysian student community in the whole of New Zealand, the members and the activities are great. I met so many great people through OMSA and had an unforgettable experience being part of Malam Malaysia. My first stage production. It was unbelievable 🙂 


Now it wasn’t as if 2012 was full of ups. There were plenty of downs, but now? I came to realize that I needed to go through those downs. All of them were lessons, a blessing in disguise. I always believed that God has a reason for everything that He does. All the obstacles He put in front of me were obstacles I have to go through. I learnt a lot this year. I found some of my flaws and I hope I will learn from them. I learnt to appreciate everything around me more. Being away from home for the first time, you tend to appreciate your family and Malaysia and all that they have done for you. All the sacrifices my parents did for me to have this life. Im eternally grateful. My Salmond family (Danni, Kylie and Sheril), I never thought we would become such good friends so quickly. I guess that’s what happens when you live together, relationships progress so much faster. 


2012 has been great on me.Thank you Lord for everything You have blessed me with this year.  I hope 2013 would be as great 🙂 


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