I take my brother for granted often, saying bad stuff that he does to me because that’s how our relationship is. I know he loves me, is very protective at me and really cares for me but acts like he doesnt. Hence every time I talk about him is like the bad stuff he did to me, but I guess I never give him the credit he deserve sometimes. My brother and I couldn’t stand each other at all when we were younger, but when we grew older and physical distance between us grew further, our relationship grew better.

Sure, up till now my brother still does mean things to me (i.e. tease me, post unflattering pictures of me, make me do chores for him) but I know he really cares for me, even without showing it. I feel proud when he introduce me to his Christchurch friends, that shows that he’s not afraid to show people that Im his sister (or maybe he just doesn’t want ppl to think im his girlfriend lol)

Something happened today, I was homesick, stressed about my academics, depressed about J and feeling like I am so alone out in the world when my brother talked to me on facebook. It started out as a normal random conversation, up till I told him i really wanted to go home. I told him I was stressed, tired, depressed and just feeling really shit about the fact Im in the same city as J. After establishing that NO, J and I are not back together, he said something that really surprised me. He immediately told me to come up whenever I felt depressed, in which I replied that I can’t go up every week, as that’s what I am, depressed every weekend. He told me to come up sometime, during Easter and he’ll bring me around. He even suggested that we could go up north as I always wanted to go to Auckland.

At that moment, I felt so blessed. Just when I felt I was so alone out in the world, my brother showed me that he’s always there for me. Although he didn’t put his feelings into words, it touched me how he immediately asked me to come up so he could bring me around. I needed a getaway, desperately, and it was amazing how he knew that, getting me out of Dunedin, bringing me around, helping me forget about HSFY and J, even if its only for a couple of days.

I thank the Lord for my family. So blessed.

I love you kor ❤


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