There’s only this hard you can push yourself.

Hello! I guess I havent been here for a while. Truth be told, I have been swamped with activities for the past couple of weeks. Semester 2 started and there was UMAT looming upon me, after that passed, it was all the catching up that needed to be done, now it’s the mid term tests that needed to be aced after that it would be the crazy catching up that needed to be done again. Seemed to me that these few months will be a stream of endless things that needed to be done.


At the same time, July/August are the months where OMSA activities are at its peak. In the past few weeks I performed for ICC cultural night (we came in 2nd woohoo!) where I did the make up for the whole team (with help from a couple of friends of course). It was the first time Ive ever done stage make up on myself and other people! My own makeup didn’t look that great as I was rushing (it was going to be our turn to perform soon by then). I was proud that I managed to succeed, not bad for someone who only started with all these make up experimenting less than a year ago! A week after that I performed for Fiesta Malaysia where I danced the Melanau dance (all by myself!!) in the middle of Octagon. Needless to say, I was terrified because I was always used to people dancing with me for the Melanau dance (originally there were 4 girls, this Melanau dance is a part of the Opening dance for Malam Malaysia), I was afraid that I was to screw up and make a fool out of myself. Ive only started dancing last year and have never ever danced solo in front of a crowd before. Thankfully, I did well. I guess that’s something I can check off my (non-existing) bucket list!

Im extremely thankful for all the wonderful things Ive achieved these 2 months, but in order to keep up with my studies Ive been having sleepless nights and spending days and nights in the library. I guess there’s just this much your body can take before your immune system finally crash. It sucks that it crashed this week when I have 2 tests due. Praise the Lord that I managed to ace my Stats test yesterday but Hubs test will be tmrw and Im kinda really screwed for that. Now, Im just questioning myself on why am i blogging when I still have so much to do! 

Procrastination at its best, I guess! Time to stuff more facts on the Cardiovascular & Respiratory System in my head now. Ta! 


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