The final dance

Doors open, lights dimmed, music starts, all in exactly 12 hours time. The show Ive risk my entire future on is due to start tonight. It’s been a long couple of months, trying to balance practices and my studies at the same time. Did i succeed? Time will tell, when that dreaded email arrives in December. All I know is that Im going to put in my all for the last 2 months of semester and then leave the rest up to God.

Whatever will be, will be. God has his ways. As long as I know I put in effort and work hard for it, I have no regrets. Whispers from the mouth of naysayers can go on all they like. I learnt how to stop caring about what people think about me. 

Thanks to OMSA and Malam Malaysia, Ive found my home away from home. Finally, people who genuinely care about my wellbeing and really wish for my succeed. I was tired of the competitiveness and the loneliness of HSFY. All of them, being my seniors, understand my pain and never hesitate in helping me out and giving my advice. 

Its been nearly a year of hurt, pain, fear and doubt. However, Im grateful for them for unconsciously helping me through it. Ive come out stronger. Looking back, I am truly blessed ❤ 


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