Weird out

Alright, when i first created this blog I didnt think of privatising it because I only gave the link to a couple of my good friends so they could keep track of the worst freaking time of my life. Looking back, Im literally convinced that I went through depression back then, not even kidding. What I didnt realize that random strangers can still find the link to my blog and read my frequent (not so frequent now) whines. That kinda creeped me out, guys.

To whoever you are who’s reading my blog and is not one of my good friend, I thank you for bumping up my blog stats(LOL) and hopefully you found my depressed state somewhat interesting?

Anyway, Im going to delete all of my depressing post and start blogging more about my daily life. Hopefully I have the time to do so after my finals which is happening in 3? weeks. Yes, you may scream at me asking me WHY OH WHY am I blogging at a time like this, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea as well, this is my 11th hour in the university library, maybe Ive cracked.

Oh well, that’s me for you. Im actually looking forward to blogging more (beware of all the kpop, random thoughts and opinions that Im going to spam this blog with). I feel that I really should brush up on my writing skills and stop sounding like a total kid when I write. Im going to go back to more lectures on biochemistry now! Say goodbye to all of my past depressing posts. Urgh, glad to get rid of that side of me. Its been a year.



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