Addiction? or not

Recently I got myself hooked onto the kpop scene. Is it a fortunate or unfortunate happening? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea, it does have its pros and cons. There are days where I wish I never got sucked into it and want to go back to the times where I would not understand what the big fuss kpop is and why my friends were all crazy over the korean idols, drama and variety shows, but then there will be days where I bask in the joy I found in kpop.

So why do I like kpop? I think initially it was due to the fact that I was sick of the American music scene and did not really have much songs that I could listen to regularly and not get sick of them. It always start off with one good kpop song, and then you’ll be like, oh yeah this is good, lets listen to another one..and another one, sooner or later you’ll have the all of the songs from an artist on your phone. I dont know about the general kpop fandom, but I dont think most people stop at songs. Sooner or later there will be watching programmes where the artists appear on and boy, do you get hooked. The thing about korean entertainment programmes is that they are downright hilarious. Its not just normal funny, no, korean variety shows have taken the word hilarious and bring it up to a whole new level. No sir, you have not watch a funny programme until you watch a korean variety programme. To make things even worst, it’s about the funny level goes up like 10 folds if the artist you like is on it. Your love for the artist+funny variety programme scripts= yes your life has been wonderfully ruined.

And yes, I am speaking on behalf of my experience and am perfectly sure that not everyone gets hooked like I did. Also, I may have exagerrated my definition of hooked, its not like I cannot live without the artists I like, or I cannot get through a day without watching a laughter filled video on youtube or dailymotion. I just appreciate the fact that I have found a new source of entertainment in my all too stressed study life. I guess that’s what the entertainment industry is for. Im sure all those korean shows are heavily scripted and nothing is what it is seems, but then again, its not something I can be sure of unless I get the experience being in the industry and see for myself what happens. It will be a heck of an experience though, to know the behind the scenes and all the going ons that happen in this ever-growing korean entertainment industry.

I cant believe this but I have amazingly gone off topic. This wasnt what I wanted to blog about today (surprise surprise). I guess I’ll write another post about what I initially want to talk about. On a last note, it would be really cool my blog actually gets read. Im not that excellent of a writer but hopefully, what I talk about might interest some people. Im still too shy to post it up on facebook though, maybe a couple of posts later.

Till next time šŸ™‚

P/s: Im supposed to be studying in the library here but…..yeap Im blogging.

PPS: Its my blog’s first anniversary! Oh wow, i decided to do my first publicised blog a year after I created this. I swear, I didnt know until wordpress sent me a notification lol. Well, happy birthday blog! And back to studying I go :3


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