Super Show 5 live in KL: The whole experience (Part 1)

Where do I even start with this? You know how people always talk about YOLO-ing? I’ve never really done crazy things, the so called ‘YOLO-ing’ that I’ve done doesnt even fall under that category, yes, my life IS that dull. BUT, on the 22nd and the 23rd of November, I’ve definitely outdone myself. This whole SS5 story started in September when tickets went on show and i decided that I was going to see the Suju boys live. I decided that I was going to lose my concert virginity to that ridiculous bunch of boys. So the hype was up, I kept myself in check and suffered through the last few months of health science, knowing that I have SS5 to look forward to during the holidays, and it was a day before my birthday, to me it seemed like I was supposed to go for this. Despite how everyone screaming at me that it was so expensive (I bought Cat 2 tickets which cost me RM505), I kept faith that it was going to be a spectacular show (well, my friends who have gone for super shows before assured me that it would be worth my money).

So the day before the concert (22/11/2013), my friend told me that the boys were landing tonight at 1030pm, but one of them (Sungmin) was flying in from Japan alone at 5pm due to his individual schedule. As Sungmin was my friend’s bias (Its what kpop fans call their favourite members of a group), she debated if she was to go to the airport and welcome him. I, being on holiday, and have absolutely nothing else better to do (just kidding, I had uni applications, holiday to plan, emails to write, etc, but me being me, decided to procrastinate) told her that if she was to go, I would go along with her for the fun of it and the experience. She then decided that we were to go to welcome Sungmin at 5pm and not the rest of the boys because it was a tad bit late to drive to the airport then. So, that was set, she said she will pick me up at 3pm-ish. She came to pick me up at 4PM instead (It took about 40 mins to get to KLIA) and we sped off to the airport. I was supposed to direct her to the highway from my place but me being the girl who havent been in Malaysia for nearly a year, told her to turn at the wrong road. We had to GPS our way out to the highway and that took us about 10 mins? At that time, we knew we were going to be late. I felt terribly guilty for leading her the wrong way and she felt angry at herself for being late. I think luck was really not in our side as we reached KLIA right on time BUT there was no parking available. When we FINALLY got our parking and sped to the VIP arrival area, Sungmin JUST left. We missed him by a few minutes.

That’s Sungmin btw. This is the best picture I got of him haha!

Sadden by that fact, my friend and I left for home, at the same time debating if we should come back at night with hopes of seeing the rest of the boys. Us, being distracted, missed the exit of the highway, took a couple of wrong turns, and got stuck in the jam home. My friend had Korean lessons at 7pm but by the time she dropped me home, it was 705pm. At that time, we wanted to go back to the airport as she already managed to reschedule her Korean lesson but unfortunately, her mum did not allow her skipping.

So, she went off for her class and I thought it was the end of my airport chase, however I did feel a little 不干心, we were THIS close to seeing Sungmin. After much thoughts (I shall spare you guys with our mind battles), we decided that we would make a second trip to KLIA (again, its a 45 mins drive ONE WAY). The boys were to land at 1030pm and we said we will leave at 11pm, irregardless of the boys coming out by that time or not.

We arrived at the airport and headed to the VIP entrance with news that the boys have arrived, but had not made their way out yet. After minutes of pacing back and forth at the VIP arrival hall, which was ironically, the departure check in floor as well, and cursing those idiots for not coming out. Nearing 11pm, we heard the initial scream from some fangirls who were stalking the VIP entrance. Naturally, we thought that this was it, they’re coming out now. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The Suju boys were probably going through customs when the fangirls spotted them initially. 11pm passed and we were getting crankier, debating if we should just give up or continue waiting for them. It was around 1120pm when the screaming started, and the boys finally emerged (Thank the Lord for that). We were standing near the airport entrance where the boys will walk pass to their vans. There were guards (well not a lot of them) surrounding the boys and trying to block the fancams.

And then finally, after two trips to the bloody airport and the agony of waiting, the boys were walking towards me.  Honestly, I couldnt believe it. Right there and then, I really felt how different the world the boys live in and the world I live in. Sadly, it felt that the boys were living in a fantasy world, because to me, that’s what they seem like, a fantasy. Dont get me wrong, I know they’re real and human and all, its just that their celebrity status and how they are portrayed probably gave off that feeling. I first spotted Shindong, Donghae, Kangin and then Henry when they were walking towards me. Let me emphasize that this took place in less than 3 minutes. I was standing by an airport signboard while the boys were walking towards me. When they reached me, I started walking beside them without much thought, just walking and staring at them.

I guess luck was much on my side when my bias KIM HEECHUL (oh you ridiculous man, the things you do to me!) was walking RIGHT NEXT to me. I’m not even kidding right now, Heechul was just NEXT to me, and we were both walking together, with him staring at the floor with headphones on and me obnoxiously staring at him, trying to let everything sink in. After a while (I repeat, this whole thing took place in less than 3 mins), I got pushed away by the crazy mobs of fangirls screaming oppa~ but still managed to see Kyuhyun (my second bias).

Kim Heechul on big screen during the concert haha, I didnt take pics while I was walking with him at the airport. If I did, I probably would have gotten shoved away.

Well, thus ended my crazy airport experience, I realized I havent even started talking about the actual concert itself LOL. That night, as I went to bed, I basked in the joy of having such luck with Heechul, but sulked a little about not seeing Ryeowook (my third  bias) and only getting a glance of Kyuhyun. Little did I know that those thoughts will come back and bit me in the ass the following day, but…..that’s another story for later.


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