Dead end? 괜찮아, why not pave a new path then?

My mum used to tell me all the time that I see the world in one way– one straight road. She has always nagged me about it, stating ‘wen ah, its not always one straight road, some times you need to know when to turn and compromise, think and act out of the box, dont just live your life the textbook way’ 

Because of her words, Ive always knew I had that flaw in me, but how was I to change? If I did live life the textbook way, well then since there was no manual telling me how to change, I couldnt manage it. Up until this year, up till now. I thought that it was the end of the world for me if I did not get into Dentistry or Medicine. I thought that I could never lift my head again after such a failure. I was adamant to think that I failed in life, that I could not do anything else, there was no alternative paths for me.

These past few weeks I thought about a lot of things, mulled over my plan B-Z– my options. Now, it seems 90% confirmed that I would return back to Otago for another year and to accept the Physiotherapy offer. Could anyone have imagined? Me? A physiotherapist? That’s something new. However, this doesnt mark the end of my dreams of dental school. I could still do post graduate (if I make it). So what if I have 8 more years of university to go? I would be out with not one, but two professional degrees. I would have more options. Looking at my situation in this way, it does not look like Ive failed, Ive just simply….took a detour.

Like my friends said– ‘Nicole, you’re still young’, and that’s true. ‘年轻就是本钱’, a chinese phrase that my (older) cousin would always say. The latest I would be out of university is when Im 27 years old, and with two degrees. I would still have years left to work, I mean, the retirement age has gone up to 65!

I guess now I really do understand how my mum wanted me to think. Its okay to make a turn in life, take a detour, maybe it would take longer, but you’ll reach there in the end.


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