You’ll probably be thinking, oh gawd, another one of those sappy sentinel post on how thankful someone is of everything that happened in 2013. Well, I’ll try not to be that person here.

Frankly, I woke up today not realizing that it was New Years Eve until I went on twitter and was reminded of it. New Years Eve used to hold a high significant in my heart, I would lie if I said I wasnt one of those people who made a list of New Years resolutions and then proceed to not achieve any one of them (okay, maybe I did achieve a few along the road). This year, however, seems different. Maybe after all the bitterness and disappointment that overwhelmed me this year has strip me of that innocence. Irregardless, the past is the past. Im glad to be over with 2013. There were good times….but also plenty of bad times. I supposed there are way more lessons that I needed to learn, blame my naive self to think that 2012 had more than enough lessons. But, like I said, let bygones be bygones. 

2014 will be another hard year, and for obvious reasons Im not that all excited about the new years (one of the reasons being that im getting older D:), but what will come, has to come. I guess I’ll just have to keep my chin up and work even harder with renewed vigour. 



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