Another SNS account

So…recently (more like 1 hour ago), I succumbed to 微波 (weibo). Weibo is basically the china’s equivalent of Twitter, except for some slight differences–one being in mandarin.  Imagine me on weibo, for crying out loud! Me, who get a headache whenever required to read an entire page of mandarin, who mutters ‘something’ in replacement of a mandarin character that Ive forgotten whenever needed to read in mandarin. My mandarin is so terrible that sometimes I want to dig a hole and bury myself in it in embarrassment. So much for 9 years of Chinese education T.T 

Nevertheless, the damage is done. I now have a weibo account. I doubt I will be on it often, maybe I will when I (finally) figure out how to navigate around it. Me+chinese websites =/= fun. 

Chose the same username as my twitter account because Im so creative that way. http://www.weibo.com/u/3966998926/home?wvr=5


P/s: oh by the way weibo is weird. I was trying to insert my name at the part in your profile where they ask for your real name. Naturally, I wrote ‘Nicole Kwan 关韶雯‘ and there was an error, specifying that I insert my first & last name correctly/in the right order. So I fiddled around with it and realized that they only accept ‘关韶雯’ as my name in the right order but not ‘Nicole’ or ‘Nicole Kwan’. For crying out loud weibo! I get that your focus is the chinese market and everyone probably types in their chinese name but this does not mean that English names aren’t names or are not in the right order or wtf point you were trying to make with that error!


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