Picking up a 6th language


What’s new, you might say. Since I’m knee deep in the kpop world, its natural that I would want to pick up the language. Well, in my defense that is not the entire story. Ive been wanting to pick up another language for years now, something about it being cool to know how to speak more languages haha. The younger version of me always planned to take another language up during my university days, coincidentally it being the Korean language.

I have once read an article stating that it is easier for children to pick up a new language compared to an adult because of some part of the brain not being fused together yet (apologize for the vague description, its been a while since I read that article and have no idea where I read it from). This fact seems believable, as I manage to take up 5 languages during my childhood years.

The more I spend time learning Hangul (Korean language), the more I find it fascinating. Take the Korean alphabet for an example, its pretty similar to the English alphabet whereby each alphabet forms a sound and you just piece the alphabets together to form words. Granted, whether you understand what the word means is a totally different thing. Unlike mandarin, which words are not as easy to decipher as the English or Korean words. If you dont know how to read a word in mandarin, you basically dont know it at all.

But I would be lying if I said it was easy to pick up Korean. Sometimes I get a headache learning Korean, but heck, doesn’t everyone gets headache from leaning anything in general?




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