Delayed goodbyes

Look at that blue sky *in awe*

Off again.

I spent my summer in despair and also worrying about the possibility of not returning to Dunedin anymore. There was too much to let go, goodbyes were not even said and plans were too abrupt. I was unwilling to leave, for I loved that small town that literally had nothing and bored me to death occasionally. But the two years there had worked its magic on me. Lessons were learnt, friendships were made, roads were paved. How could I just leave like that?

I couldnt even begin to comprehend my relieve and thankfulness to be able to return this year, even if it really might be my last year there. At least I could properly wrap things up, I had one more year to soak in that Dunedin life and travel before I have to (maybe) say goodbye to this second home of mine.

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