In Love with Your 오빠



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Yes, the crazed hallyu wave that’s going on around the world is growing even larger than imaginable. Imagine the huge bucks South Korea is banking in now, not only that, their culture, language, food is begin to spread further in the world. But that’s what not I want to talk about today.The kpop scene has recently exploded with the dating scandal of Girl’s Generation’s kid leader- Taeyeon and EXO’s Baekhyun. When this news popped up on my news feed, I laughed. Not because Im a bitch and enjoy people’s demise, but more of the fact that I knew the whole kpop world is going to shake with this juicy gossip. Don’t get me wrong, I like Taeyeon and although im not an EXO fan, I have nothing against him. Recent news states that both Baekhyun and Taeyeon are getting hate from fans and EXO’s fanbase has lost 20K followers. Insane right? 


To a celebrity, their fans are the people that make them who they are today. They are the one that support and plummet them into stardom. Its crazy how an attempt to find love and actually have a life can cause a celebrity to lose 20K fans. I am a kpop fan as well (Super Junior fighting!) but I dont appreciate the attitude of some kpop fans. No one has to be a rocket scientist to deduce the reason for the departure of fans in the light of this particular scandal. 



1) The fans believe that they are going to marry their bias and the fact that they are now in a relationship caused them to be hurt and angry.

This delusion is one of the reason why I am appalled at the kpop fandom. Okay, granted Ive been pretty new in this kpop addiction but seriously. What makes you think your oppa/noona will marry you? There are 7 billion people in the world, the odds of you marrying your bias is pretty slim mate. Some people might say that my bias is not publicly dating someone yet so I might not know how they feel. So Cho Kyuhyun is still ‘single’ (more of not publicly dating someone), doesnt mean I BELIEVE that we will get married. For one, we live in different countries and will probably always remain that way. Two, our paths in life are totally different-he’s a celebrity, Im…well a soon to be health professional. With paths that different, its pretty realistic that we’ll never meet as friends and go further than that. The relationship between Cho Kyuhyun and I will just be one between an artist and his fan. I love Kyuhyun, dont get me wrong, I absolutely adore him and I will continue to do so. But my kind of love towards Kyuhyun is one that consist of fondness, thankfulness and admiration. Im fond of him because his on screen presence makes me laugh and the fact that Im grateful he survived that whole car accident-pneumothorax incident , thankful because his work and being Suju’s fan brought me out of my depression last year, admiration due to his determination and hard work. Definitely not one which hopes to somehow be with him. So yeah, I dont get this whole ‘oppa-only-loves-me-we-will-get-married-one-day’ delusion. Wake up people, there might be someone else near that loves you more which you have been neglecting. 

However, I’ll admit this, if one day I open my news feed and its Kyuhyun’s news on it stating that he has publicly admit to dating/marrying someone, my heart will ache…but then I will smile through it and be happy for him, because I know he is and will be happy with whoever he choose to be with. He deserves that. 


SS5 Msia: Couldnt get a pic of this boy cz he was too high haha


2) The fans are furious that Taeyeon and Baekhyun posted hidden messages to each other in messages to their fans. 

Okay Taeyeon and Baekhyun are not Gods, they are only human and are allowed to make mistakes. Im sure at that point of time they just thought of it as a cute act and have no intention of dissing or disrespecting the fans. Sure, the fans’ feelings are hurt but think about the things that some fans have been doing to Taeyeon and Baekhyun (namely the sassengs), weren’t their feelings hurt too? Does it make it alright to hurt your bias’ feeling by invading their privacy, stalking them etc etc but when they make a mistake of offending their fans by accident its not alright? Seriously people, this is such a small issue. Its their social media account, at least let them have some fun.


So yeah, I just hope things will get better for Taeyeon and Baekhyun. I wish them well and lots of happiness. They definitely do not deserve this amount of hate.


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