The month of Firsts

Growing up, all of us have had our fair shares of firsts. First pair of heels, First time travelling out of the country, First kiss. This month had been a whirlwind for me, for some reason I decided to squeeze a bunch of firsts in a short period. I guess somewhere in my head I realized that time was catching up with me and my university years were the best time for me to try as much things as possible. Starting of, with the most shocking one (to myself and my mates that know me for a while), I attended my first house party and got horribly shit-faced. It definitely was not something I was proud of, but looking back I think of it as a valuable experience. I mean, everyone gotta get shit-faced once in their life right?


I also decided to throw myself into learning/playing new sports and going to the gym more. Part of me was sick of being bad at sports, another part of me knew I had to put in more time strengthening my body in order to make handling patients easier. This month alone I played my first game of frisbee, netball and volleyball, which was shocking since I have no bloody idea how to play all of them and just decided to wing it.

Wing it. I swear that has been my excuse to do everything this month. ‘ahhh shit oh well lets just wing it’ -thats probably the most frequent thought to cross my mind lately.

I dont regret the firsts I experienced this month. Obviously there were more firsts then the ones stated here but I’ll just leave those to myself and not share it out here hehe. Not gonna deny that I look forward to see what other firsts i will achieve in the rest of this semester 😉


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