Give love a chance

17 year old self of mine once swore that I will never be in a long distance relationship. Funny, I bet that younger version of me would never believe that 3 years later, Im knee-deep in one. Yes, after a long time spent trying to piece myself together, Im dating again.

To be perfectly honest, ive debated a long while if I should write this post but after reading Irina Tan’s beautiful blog post about second love & her long distance relationship, I decided to write about mine.

2014-09-26 15.43.27

I never expected to fall in love with Aaron. We met at an inter-university games for Malaysians back in June but never gotten the chance to get to know each other that well. After the games, we kept in touch via facebook messages – talking about anything and everything, only to realize we both came from the same area back in Malaysia. It was when he and a bunch of his friends took a trip down to Dunedin to visit where we had an opportunity to really connect in person. That trip was short (He was in town for exactly 24 hours) but it was enough to make me confused and scared. I remember holding back my tears when he had to leave & both of us not wanting to let go. That night, I huddled up on my bed and realized that maybe..just maybe that I liked him more than just a friend. We got together 3 weeks later when I flew up to Auckland for a work trip. That weekend was magical. You know what people say about the ‘honeymoon’ phase when you just get into a relationship, well it was every bit as what everyone said it was.


Many couples didnt start off with a long distance relationship, but for Aaron & I? It did and it will continue to be for at least the next 2 years. Im not gonna lie, even though we choose to look at the bright side of this ldr and the good it will bring to us, it still sucks. Especially now when its the finals period for university and I have days where Im stressed to the brink. Its hard when panic attacks come and all you want is for your other half to hold you but he’s just too goddamned far away.

Being in this long distance relationship makes me so grateful that I live in a time where smart phones & internet exists. What would I do without skype, whatsapp & snapchat? The fact that Im able to see Aaron, even though its through my laptop/phone screen, gets me through the long days. I cant count the hours we wasted just staring at each other on skype, soaking up the silence or the number of times Ive fallen asleep in front of the skype screen. Our phones (okay his more than mine) are filled with screenshots of our snapchats & skype convos.

I think in the end, ldr boils down to how much you trust the other person and if its going to be worth it. Aaron & I trust each other and we match well in how we think along with what we want in life. Most importantly, find someone that will make you happy and treats you the way you deserve, because if its anything less than that, this ldr battle will be harder than it already is.

21 more days till I see you ❤ 


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