The Journey


There you have it. The end of 1 year of service.

I remember last September, standing in front of my OMSA family, telling them why I would be the one to serve. One year did a lot to me, I remember all the hard times & struggles trying to figure things out and keeping the club afloat. I dont know if I should count it as a blessing or a curse that so many difficulties stood in the way when I was President of OMSA. It was a rough one, I wont deny that and many mistakes were made along the way. My team and I were basically thrown into the ocean and had to learn how to stay afloat. Gradually, we managed to figure things out. I am more than proud to have the opportunity to work with such a talented & hardworking team. These people supported me till the end and I will be forever grateful for their loyalty. I think all of us learnt a lot in the year. I know Ive grown and changed for the better since my first day of term. It was a big responsibility serving as President and heck of a scary one, but Im glad I did it because in the end? It was worth it 😉

Lifelong friends <3
Lifelong friends ❤

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