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[REVIEW] Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

Hello hello! Im back with a new hair product review today. Yes, you can tell Im sort of on a roll when it comes to searching to the best product to tame my unruly hair. A little update on my life first- Im back in Malaysia (finally!). Feels really good to be home but the weather is so hot and humid, its making my hair fizz up 😦

Anyway, today Im going to talk about two new babies that I got during my last testerkorea haul from the Etude House Silk Scarf Line. Im not quite sure how long this line has been in the market, but its a well complete line with everything ranging from shampoo to hair mist. Here’s the list of products Etude House has to offer for you for their Silk Scarf Line:

Silk Scarf Hair Shampoo

Silk Scarf Hair Conditioner

Silk Scarf Hair Treatment

Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

Silk Scarf Hair Repair Hair Essence

Silk Scarf Moist Pack

Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist

Phew, that was a long list! After researching each product online and paying a visit to the local Etude House, Ive gone with the Hair Treatment and Moist Hair Mist.

2014-12-22 09.15.54

Lets start talking about the Silk Scarf Hair Treatment first and the Hair Mist in another post. Im not gonna lie, the packaging and design made the little girl inside me squeal in delight. Etude House pride itself with its cute (and mainly pink) packaging and with this line of product, Im going to give it a big thumbs up (Y) (Y)! The tube comes in a solid 200ml at a price of NZD$15.90/MYR43 (with shipping to Malaysia) on Testerkorea which is a bit pricey for a broke student like me 😦

2014-12-22 09.28.41

The texture is a little gel-like and watery so do be careful when squeezing the product out of the tube, as you may end up squeezing out too much product and ended up wasting it. The recommended usage is around 2-3 times a week after shampoo and leave it in for about 5 mins before washing off thoroughly.

Ive been using this product for about a month now and I can say that Im somewhat satisfied with the product! The effect is immediate as my hair feels so much softer. However, I cant say much about it taming the roots of my hair. Sure, it does feel much softer but the ends still fizzes out. Maybe there’s just nothing I can do about that 😦

The Verdict

Weighing its pros and cons, I think I would give this product a 7/10. Yes, the packing is cute and my hair does feel so much softer so that leaves me somewhat satisfied with this product. However, its slightly pricey for me and again, doesnt do much to my roots.

Will I repurchase?

Unless I find a better product, I definitely would. This product beats out the Essential Repair product by Kao which I reviewed here. Plus, I got a great buy 1 free 1 deal at the local Etude House near my place a couple of days ago. So it only cost me NZD$18.4/MYR49.90 for two (yay!).

That’s it for now & thanks for reading. Hope this is helpful for all you people thinking about trying this product! Read my review on the Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist here (:


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