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[Review] Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist

Hey guys, hope you’ve read my review on the Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Treatment! Now lets talk about the Hair Mist.

2014-12-22 09.16.19

This even cuter bottle comes in a solid 120ml and costs NZD$12.80/MYR34.80 (with shipping to Malaysia) which is pretty affordable as it dispenses using a spray top. Ive been using this product daily for a month and only used up around 10% of it.

The description behind the bottle advises users to spray mist thoroughly onto dry or wet hair and gently massages into hair. However, since I have really hard to tame hair, I spray mist onto my hair after blowdrying, straighten/curl/style my hair and spraying another round of mist to give it enough moisture.

The product gives an amazing, fruity smell and is not at all sickening/artificial. I am absolutely in love with how good it makes my hair smell (& so does the boyfriend HAHA :P). It certainly also moisturises my hair, leaving it feeling soft. It works amazingly with the silk scarf hair treatment but even on its own, it manages to give a soft feel to my hair. Maybe not as soft without the hair treatment? But still pretty dang good!

The Verdict

This product certainly screams yes, yes and heck yes! I would give it a big 10/10. I would definitely repurchase it, unless I somehow find another product that is better.

So there, hope everyone enjoyed reading this. I JUST went on another beauty haul at the local Skin Food shop near my place :O Cant wait to try them out!

That amount of products HAHA :P
That amount of products HAHA 😛

Laters (:


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