The Afternoon Tea Experience

In the past couple of years, Ive seen loads of pictures of people enjoying afternoon tea but of course, have never gotten the chance to try it. To me, it was something that I should AT LEAST try once in my life. So today I put on the dress the boyfriend got me for my 20th birthday from this online boutique that’s pretty famous in Malaysia lately – twenty3 and took a trip down to KL with my mum.


After much research done online, we opted to enjoy this afternoon tea experience @ The Tea Lounge, Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur at a pretty reasonable price of RM48 pp.

2015-01-27 15.23.40

The food served were really good! I was afraid that they would be too sickeningly sweet but they turned out to be real nice. Also, surprisingly, the portions were really filling even though they didnt look all that big. My mum and I couldnt finish some of the scones and sandwiches so we decided to ask for a wee doggie bag haha!

The ambiance & service were great as well, there was an elderly man playing the piano the entire session which created a relaxing mood and dialed down the chatters of each table (the lounge was fully seated at the time).

For a first timer, I can say that Im really happy with afternoon tea today and would come back one day haha when I have the time (and money)! Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be heading to number76 saloon to do hair treatment. Cant stand the state of my hair right now so Im reaaaaally looking forward to it xx


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