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[REVIEW] Obsession over eyebrows

Hey guys! I realized Ive been MIA for the last two months heh sorry about that but university has started and 3rd year proved to be much more challenging than expected. So much more readings, practicals and placements…speaking of placements, im starting my first round tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Sooo, I thought I would do a little review on eyebrow products because Ive been obsessing over my brows for the last three years – going through different brow shapes, and different eyebrow products. First things first, getting your brow shape right. Now everyone’s facial structure is different and its the same as brows! Trust me, just because someone’s brows look good on her doesnt mean the exact shape would complement you as well..sadly. Now Jen from frmheadtotoe gives a good basics go-to on how to shape your brows. I would recommend everyone to watch this tutorial and give her a thumbs up here for starters.

(fml I was nearly done with this review and accidently press god knows what button and everything disappeared except for the first two paragraphs which I saved previously -_-)

Soooo the two products Im gonna talk about today are the Etude House My Perfect Eyebrow kit as well as the Skin Food’s Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake.

2015-03-22 06.10.54 2015-03-22 19.12.17

Note how both kits came with their own brushes? Usually I use the brushes provided on a daily basis because Im always rushing but on special occasions when i dont want to screw up my brows I use my Etude House eyeliner brush to fill in my brows.

Okay now comes the pre, make up free photo. Sorry guys, my eyebrows are kinda all over the place at the moment as I (as usual) am too lazy to fix them cos I usually can just fix/fill them in using the kits 😛

BEFORE! Make up free and after a mask session :3
BEFORE! Make up free and after a mask session :3

For this review, Im gonna fill one of my brows each with both of the eyebrow kits so excuse the weirdness of the pics hahaha. First one on the list? The one by Etude House!

with etude house's my perfect brow kit
with etude house’s my perfect brow kit

Notice how much thicker and darker my brow is now? Personally Im not too much of a fan of this one by etude house because over the years I realized that a lighter shade suits me better but this kit comes with a highlight powder as well for my brow bone so hey! Two in one = save money on another highlighter powder kit. (cheapo alert)

Verdict = 6/10

With skin food's choco eyebrow powder cake
With skin food’s choco eyebrow powder cake

This. Is definitely my favourite. I usually blend both colours for this but would mainly use the lighter brown shade and only the darker shade to fill up the parts that are extremely bare, like at the eyebrow arch.

Verdict = 8/10 

So yeah, I guess that’s it for my little eyebrow product reviews. Im actually really obsessed with filling my eyebrows because I feel that they really frame one’s face really well.

2015-03-22 19.19.49
AFTER! See the difference between this and the before pic? Im still makeup less in this pic except for the brows.

Of course, try not to go overboard with brows because its really not all that flattering if its too thick or stands out too much (believe me, ive learnt over the years). But yeah, if you ask me, I think fixing/filling brows are much more important than eyeliner. My daily make up routine consist of bb cream and filling in my brows. Eyeliners are usually reserved for weekends or when I feel like it :3

Till next time! Do give me a thumbs up/follow/comment if you think this is helpful ❤


3 thoughts on “[REVIEW] Obsession over eyebrows

    1. No I havent! Wouldnt recommend it though, because the highlight has a bit of shinny tone to it, it will probably make your eyebrows shinny and that’s not really something Im after! (:

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