I really should blog more

So the last time I posted was way back in March. That’s about 3 months, yikes! The thing about being a uni student is that blogging and reviewing cant be my first priority, as well as Im always too broke to go for hauls. Im always surprised how those beauty youtubers are always able to buy tons of beauty products and talk about them all the time, but then again, they get paid off their youtube channels and get sponsors (sigh). Ive always contemplated trying out youtube reviews but I dont own a camera to film my stuff, the lighting in my flat is kinda dark also my laptop is a bit too old (4 years!!) for fancy video editing. I know Etude house, Nature Republic, Face shop, innisfree etc etc send samples/products to some beauty bloggers for them to review so yeah Im hoping for the day where my reviews/blogs are good enough so they would sponsor me haha. Its hard guys, having this urge to try so many products but having a tight budget to live off. Plus, NZ is kinda shit when it comes to korean beauty products (I think there’s only ONE Face shop in Auckland) so I always buy my stuff online and pay for shipping etc etc. Representitives/Marketing people from Etude House, Face shop, Nature Republic, Innisfree, Tony Moly and all, if you’re reading this, send me samples/products and I’ll promise to do a good job kkkkk 😛

Anyway, a little update on my life at the moment. Im done with my first semester of year 3 and am currently finding a billion and one ways to procrastinate. Probably gonna to do some reviews on some of the stuff I got recently or just doing a post on my daily make up routine after Im done with my papers so yeah keep a look out for that!

Oh yeah by the way I did a bridesmaid photoshoot last december with my cousin who’s getting married this december and she recently uploaded one of the pictures! Not my best picture guys, I was trying to tilt my head to get a better angle but it was real hard in this position when my body had to lean in a certain way as well T.T Oh well, I hope the other pictures come out better kkkk.

Tilll then, loads of love xxxx


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