Day out to Otago Peninsula

Hey lovelies! Im finally done with semester 1 (woohoo!) and having my mid year break now so I’ll be more free to blog and talk about hauls Ive just recently went on. So yesterday was my mate Justin’s birthday and we had a real nice birthday brunch for him. I baked some real yum berry muffins to add to the (already full) table and it was such good fun! I ate so much it wasnt even funny T.T


After, we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to this place called Weller’s Rock out at Otago Peninsula. Mind you, I have been in Dunedin, NZ for 4 years and have never heard of this so-called rock that was about 30 minutes drive away. So we decided to YOLO it and check this place out. Turns out it wasnt some famous rock/monument but just a harbour/departure point for the Monarch Wildlife Cruise..oh the disappointment. I was expecting some famous rocks like the ones at Moeraki but yeah clearly not all rocks are rocks.

Moeraki Boulders, NZ

But yeah so we decided to continue driving and check out the Royal Albatross Centre at Harrington’s Point since we were already halfway there. Harrington’s Point is a beautiful sight, we were lucky that it was such a beautiful sunny day and there wasnt any rain or hail but the wind was so strong it made walking a really hard task and freaking cold as well. We basically had to jump around to try to stay warm and to take videos/photos without our hair smacking us in the face every second. My mate Justin had an idea to take some videos of our trip and make a lil video out of it, so I did! Excuse the wrong dimensions though, I made a mistake while recording and didnt realize it until I was editing sigh.

At Harrington's Point
At Harrington’s Point

Till next time, loads of love xx


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