[REVIEW] Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

Hey lovelies! Im back after almost two months of silence heh. Its been a crazy semester 2 with a bunch of never ending assignments and clinicals but managed to complete them all well enough to earn a great week long holiday visiting my boyfriend in Auckland last week! I ate so much (especially desserts) that I think my sugar levels have completely hit the roof HAHA. Basically it has been a crazy few months but Im loving what i do more and more, which is good because its just gonna get crazier (6 more weeks till finals!!).

So I decided to pop by and try to squeeze in time to write reviews of some new babies I purchased recently!! I ran out of my wonderpore toner (I did a review on it sometime ago, read about it here) and me being my typical self, thought of it as a perfect excuse to add some extra stuffs into my shopping cart (my reasoning is that Im ALREADY shopping anyway haha). One of the new babies that I purchased is the much talked about Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder

                                           2015-09-03 20.03.30    2015-09-03 20.06.10

Here’s what it looks like. Im not going to lie, when i opened the DHL package I was shocked to see how small this is, somehow i expected it to be bigger than it is. Even so, there is quite an amount in the container, Ive been using this everyday for the last 3 weeks and it still looks quite full. The other thing Im not all that happy about the design and packaging of this is the use of cotton puff. The powder comes out through tiny holes in the plastic separating thing (not sure how much you can see from the picture) onto the cotton puff and you’re supposed to apply it onto your face with it. Sometimes I find it really hard to get the amount I want on the puff and often I end up tipping more than i need. A good alternative to this is to buy the pact version of this, most people find that the pact version is much more convenient to use.

Innisfree promotes this product as one of multiple uses, so for this review I’ll talk about them accordingly.

  •  Finishing base powder – Apply on sebum areas of the face as a last step of your skin care routine
  • Makeup fixer – Apply this as the last stage of your make up routine.
  • Soft and Bright skin tone 
  • Replacement for Oil Control Paper
  • Eye Primer
  • Hair control – Dust a bit of powder onto your scalp and smooth it out

I have to say I agree that this mineral powder is amazing as a finishing base powder and makeup fixer. It gives a really soft touch and feel to your skin and helps my foundation stay on throughout the day. Before using this, sometimes Ill put on my makeup in the morning and find my foundation and concealer melting halfway through the day but Ive noticed a significant difference after using this! Also, yes it gives a really nice soft skin tone – brightness wise, Im not too sure if it shows on me because I find that normal make up routines (BB/CC creams + concealer) already does that really well! About it being a replacement for oil control paper, I dont think Im in a good position right now to comment on it as Im currently based in NZ + its still only early spring. The weather here is dry and doesnt really get humid at all so my face doesnt oil up like it does in Asia, maybe I’ll be able to comment on that when im back in Malaysia for the summer (:

Also, I dont see much use of it being an eye primer, partially because Im using another eye primer (will do a review on that soon!) and that’s working wonderfully for me, so even though I do dust the powder over my eyes to get some of that eye primer effect that Innisfree talks about, I use another eye primer as well just to get the maximal effect I need. Lastly, on it being able to use it when you have not wash your hair to make it look less greasier and more like you’ve washed your hair. The concept sounds like what dry shampoo does but I havent really tried to dust some on to my hair, usually when my hair gets greased up I just wash it LOL. Im quite keen to give it a try when I travel though, especially those long haul flights that make your hair look super yucky D:

So yeah, I guess I am quite happy with this new baby of mine! All that hype over it seems about right haha, but like mentioned before, when i repurchase I’m definitely going to go with the pact version instead of the powder. Its also pretty affordable plus lasts you quite a while, I got the powder at the price of NZ$11.22 and the pact cost a bit more at NZ$19.23.

Till next time, lots of love xxx


Innisfree no sebum mineral powder :

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