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[REVIEW] Etude House’s Beauty Shot Face Blur

Hello my lovelies! I just found out a couple of days ago that I passed 3rd year!! One more year to go and I’ll be an official Physiotherapist 🙂 🙂 Cant wait to be able to help people and make a change in the world, no matter how small it is! Now I also received some of the beauty products from my last haul, and today Im going to talk about this face primer from Etude House — Beauty Shot Face Blur SPA15/PA.


I know the English in the title is far from perfect but it gets the message across. What this product aims to do is to, and i quote from Etude House:-

‘Covers pores and bumpy skin to make skin look flawless, Softening skin layer like filter effect to give smooth and even skin layer, Natural whitening skin to make dark skin look bright and cover imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life, Baby pixel powder and cover powder compounds give 3-in-1 multi filter effect like adjusting light on skin.’

Okay so if your eyes just glazed over that mumble jumbo, basically it helps cover your pores and create a smooth and bright complexion, which is what we aim for with our primers/BB/CC/Foundation.

This actually marks my first time using a face primer, Ive always just worked with BB cremes to give me the coverage I need but during my haul I got curious and thought i would give it a shot. I was debating between this or the Etude House Magic Any Cushion but this definitely has more product in it thus making it more value for money at 15000 Won [testerkorea]/USD18 [Etude House online shop].

So now Ive been using it for around a week or so, I must admit, the first few times I see an instant brightening effect on my face, just a tad bit though. It doesnt cover my dark circles or red spots which i guess isnt in their job description. With a slight perfumed scent to it, the product is light weight and smooth over my face quite easily. However, after a couple of uses the visual brightening effect is hard to spot with the naked eye. I think its because the change is so subtle, after a couple of uses your eyes adapt to it. I guess just to sum it all up, I quite enjoy this new baby of mine as it does what it says, though Im not too sure about repurchasing as its not really a must have for my make up routine and Im sure this bottle (35g) will last me a while.

Till next time, lots of love xx


Etude House Beauty Shot Face Blur:

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