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[REVIEW] Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin

Hello my lovelies, Im super excited to write this new review because one, Im finally trying the brand Too Cool for School and secondly, Im starting to incorporate contouring and highlighting into my make up routine!!! Today I will stick to talking about the contouring product and a lil ‘how-to’ for those of you who are beginners at contouring, and then Ill put in another blog post about a highlighter bean that I got from 3CE later.

I first heard of the brand Too Cool for School in early 2014 when I visited Korea and was exploring the streets of Myeongdong. I remember taking a stroll in one of their stores and being amazed by how hip and cool everything was! From the store design itself to every lil product they sell — it just ooze coolness. Now the brand is a bit more expensive than The Face Shop/Etude House  which explains why Ive never actually bought any of their stuff heh.

So lets talk about this contour palette of theirs called ‘Too Cool for School’s Art Class by Rodin’ priced at 14400 Won on Testerkorea. I love how they call it ‘Art Class’ because make up is basically painting but for the face and contouring is like drawing shades and creating shadows to part of the face! It comes in three shades but what I usually do is I swirl my brush in circles to get a bit of all three shades, tap off any excess powder and apply it to my face. A lil thing worth mentioning is that this palette doesnt come with a brush, only with a mirror, which was really disappointing as for some reason I was expecting one. I use an angled brush by Etude House that I bought ages ago to contour.


Contouring has always been a mystery and tricky part of make up for me. Ive delayed on trying it out because Ive always felt unconfident to pull it off, but after watching tons of beauty tutorial videos on contouring I finally decided to give it a shot. Turns out it isnt that hard? Im definitely not the greatest in this, still trying to figure out the best amount of contouring powder I should use on my face to create the effect I want and not look like I smeared brown stuff all over my face LOL. So I thought I would put a before and after picture of me with this product with some (poorly photoshopped) lines on my face indicating where to apply the powder. Hope this will be somewhat helpful for those who are clueless about contouring!

            (From Left to Right: Before Fullface Picture, Before Side Profile Picture, After Picture with Contouring, After Picture with Full Makeup) 

As you can see, the contour creates shadow and can help make your face look smaller and your nose sharper. I dont have the tallest nose or the slimmest face in the world so Im quite liking the works of contouring! As this is my first contour product, Im relatively satisfied with this product from Too Cool for School, although I have a feeling creme based contour product will blend it much better than powder. Etude House launched a new Play101 Contour Stick Duo which is creme based so I’m quite keen to try that one. Unfortunately, its not available online yet so waiting is the way to go for that one haha. So thats it for now guys, hope this is in any way helpful 🙂

Till next time, loads of love xxx


Too Cool for School’s Art Class by Rodin

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