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[REVIEW] April Skin Magic Snow Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ in White

I finally found some time to write another post. Since my last post in Feb, I’ve gone on 4 hauls and am absolutely obsessed with cushion foundations. I’m currently on to my 4th cushion, and today I want to review this freaking awesome Korean cushion that everyone is currently obsessed with. It has been hugely talked about on Korean beauty programmes and if you just google it, tons of reviews will pop up. Yes, I have finally tried the April Skin Magic Snow Cushion. It’s so popular that the company is warning people against counterfeit wtf. April Skin’s Magic Snow Cushion comes in two colours – black and white. Black gives more coverage and a matte look while white gives a more moisturising and dewy look.


Credit: Google image

I went for the white cushion because my skin is so.dry. and it’s even drier now during winter times. Before this, I’ve tried 3 other cushions – they’ve been good but I felt like they struggle to create the dewy+good coverage look (I’ll review the other cushions in a later post), it is either one or the other.

Nothing out of the ordinary with the packaging – just your standard cushion pact. Puff is pretty soft, absorbs a good amount of product with just a light tap. The product, though, is AMAZING!!!!! It’s very dewy – which brightens my entire makeup look + gives you such good coverage with the minimal amount. Honestly, I can’t fathom how much coverage the black cushion gives if the white one already provides so much.

Left: before ; Right: After


After – please ignore my constant hair fixes T.T

I realise its quite hard to see the difference with my pics and gif but my dark circles are gone haha as well as the redness and dark spots on my cheeks. Its definitely not the cheapest cushion at USD24 (without shipping), but honestly, its so good that its worth every penny. On average, a cushion pact lasts me 3 months – when used 5-6 days/week with no touch ups throughout the day. I seriously recommend this product if you’re looking for a cushion that creates that sought after dewy look + have blemishes/redness/pores that you want to cover up.

Seriously guys, its worth the hype. Try it. And no, I’m not sponsored by anyone to write this. Still the poor student that’s buying her own makeup products.

Till next time, lots of love xxx

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