Son & Park

[REVIEW] Son & Park Beauty Water

Helllllooooo lovely people! Again, it has been a while since I’ve posted something new. I am so bad at this, but today I’m back with another review, talking about this amazing toner I’ve found! It’s called Beauty Water by Son & Park, sounds super fancy aye. Apparently, it’s used by makeup artists and celebrities in Korea and the two creators are now marketing this godly product to the public.

So like I mentioned earlier, it’s a toner, which is a must-do for any skincare routine! This is because the toner resets the pH of your face back to natural after cleansing! Son & Park describes the use of this product as a multi-purpose cleansing water, toner, and gentle chemical exfoliator, that provides brighter skin tone, smooth texture, and subtle hydration to prep your skin for your next skin care steps. They also market it as a product to use to cleanse your face when your makeup is melting and just not working out and start a new! I’m not too sure about that because I feel that personally I still need to use a makeup remover. Toners are usually there for me to pick out any bits of makeup that I’ve missed after doing the double cleanse routine!

Anyway, here’s how the product looks like. Its sleek and simple design make it look like a high-end product. It was priced at USD18 when I bought it off testerkorea (they no longer sell it), which makes it quite a pricey product for someone who’s on a student budget. I felt myself die a little when I bought it!


I’ve been using this for a month now and it is sooo worth it! It’s really refreshing and makes your skin feels so soft as well! I had a bit of an allergy situation happening when this baby came in the mail, and it made my allergies so much better! I kinda hoped my skin would become as flawless as k-pop idols, but obviously, it was a totally ridiculous thought. Son & Park’s beauty water is great, but it’s not magic.

Left: Allergies :(( Right: After a month of using the product

Overall, I would say that this toner is much better than the Etude House’s Wonderpore toner I’ve been using for the past 3 years. I am definitely re-purchasing once I find another website that sells it haha. Seriously guys, its worth the hype. Try it. And no, I’m not sponsored by anyone to write this. Still the poor student that’s buying her own makeup products.

That’s all for now, till next time xx

P/s: here’s a prettier picture of me xx (okay, its not that great but its better than the top pics D:)


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