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[REVIEW] Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer & A’Pieu Base Maker Glow SPF15 PA+

Happy December everyone! Where did 2016 go? Time passes so fast, I’m always like…okay stop, I do not want to grow any older! Unfortunately, time still ticks away and although I know I should use my time wisely, its definitely easier said that done. Anyway, today I would like to talk about face primers and discuss two products (+ small drabble on a third) that I have been trying out recently.

I like to think as face primers as a product that sucks all of your makeup on top of that together (i.e. foundation, blush, contour, highlighter etc) and prevent any unnecessary smudging. It is like how eye primers are used to make sure all that eyeshadow and eyeliner stay in place and prevent any panda eye situations from happening (me all the time). Different primers have different ‘extra’ benefits like reducing the size of pores, moisturising, brightening and more.


The first primer that I will be talking about today is the Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Primer. Priced at USD9.58 on Jolse, Innisfree’s No-sebum line is well talked about and well loved. I have actually talked about their No-Sebum Mineral Powder here. Naturally, like its name, this product aims to conceal your pores and save your foundation from having to do that as well. The second primer is the A’Pieu Base Maker Glow SPF 15+. Honestly, I do not really hear much about A’Pieu’s primers and the only reason I bought this was because I was looking for a primer that provides the Korean ‘glow’ effect that I am currently so obsessed with. Priced at USD5.51 on Jolse, it is a very budget friendly option.


Left: A’Pieu; R: Innisfree

Consistency wise, I have to admit that Innisfree’s gave me quite a huge shock secondary to its thickness and difficulty in spreading to create a thin layer, which led to the need to use a bigger amount to cover the entire face. A’Pieu had a more watery consistency, which meant 1/2 of a teaspoon of the product was enough for every usage.


Both primers aim to perform a completely different function. Innisfree does what it promotes extremely well. I know it is quite hard to see a difference in the picture above (my dslr refuses to focus for this shot so I had to use my phone instead), but you can roughly see the lack of hair & pores on the section of my arm where I blended it in. Innisfree’s primer works so well on my face that on a lazy day I don’t even wear foundation out. A’Pieu, on the other hand, does a relatively okay job lightening and creating a subtle glow. I feel that some disappointment was present probably because I expected a bit more out of the product.

In short, every primer has a different function and there is always a product that does the best in that certain area. I feel that Innisfree’s No-Sebum Blur Primer is at the top of the ladder when it comes to concealing pores, its is relatively cheap as well. The only downside, in my opinion, is the consistency which would take some getting used to. It took me a few uses and didn’t bother me anymore after I got the hang of it. A’Pieu’s primer is cheap, and does its job as it says, but I feel that there would be better primers out there that would create a more defined glow. If anyone has a good recommendation, feel free to leave them in the comment section below! I’m quite keen to try the VDL Lumilayer Primer next, so if anyone has some comments about that as well, please do not hesitate to share some wisdom 🙂

That’s all for now, hope this has been helpful! Till next time xx

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