Dr. Althea

[REVIEW] Dr Althea Water Glow Cushion SPF50++ PA+++

Frist post of 2017! The first 4 months have been absolutely insane with moving city, doing grown up stuff and starting my new job. Let me just say that this work-life balance is hard to achieve. All I want to do after work is to sleeeeeeep. I have been away from the blogging scene for so long and I have so many new products from hauls I’ve made during my summer break and online this month. In fact, I just received one of my new hauls today with the COSRX’s new Moisture Up pad and I am super excited to try that out.  I’m thinking about going on another online haul next week as well so stay tuned for more. Today I want to talk about a new cushion I bought from a local beauty store in Auckland that stocks k-beauty products. Dr Althea is a fairly new brand that started in 2014 by a team of dermatologists. The first thing that caught my attention about this product is their logo. It is so effortlessly beautiful – a lady in a beautiful dress in different shades of blue.


Needless to say, I did not even hesitate one bit before buying it. Pretty much shows how important good packaging is. Now I have been using this product for a good 2-3 months now, and I got to say that my opinion changed from when I first used it to now. When I first used it, I was so disappointed. The coverage was light and reminds me of Innisfree’s Water Glow cushion which was something I could not get used to because my last cushion was April Skin’s White cushion and that is probably the BEST cushion in the entire world (you can read all about that here). Besides that, I found the glow effect to be minimal (again, blame April Skin for that) but the worst thing was that it caked T.T

Now initially I thought it was just my skin that was super dry. Back then in February, I had minimal skin care products because all my goodies were in my boxes making its way up to Auckland from Christchurch. Anyway, when my boxes finally arrived, I started exfoliating, putting on sheet masks and overnight masks every day hoping to see a difference with this cushion, but unfortunately, it still caked 😦 That lead me to think that its moisturising property is not that great.

So, when it looked like it was pretty obvious that I was super disappointed with this cushion, I ran out of my COSRX hydraulic acid essence and decided that it was time to try the COSRX Snail Mucin 96 power essence. Lo and behold, the Dr. Althea cushion stopped caking on my face. I swear, that snail essence is LIFE CHANGING and I will blog more about it in detail in my following posts.

Anyway, long story short. The Dr. Althea Water Glow Cushion’s packaging looks absolutely gorgeous, gives minimal coverage, slight glow effect, not very moisturising I must say. I probably will not repurchase this in the future, but for the moment, I am content when it comes to using it until I finish it.

Till next time, lots of love xxx

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